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Paranormal ExperienceShare YOUR supernatural experiences and they will be posted on this page (see below)!

Ever had something really UNUSUAL happen to you, something that you just can’t explain? Something that made the hair on the back of your neck stick up? We would love to hear about it! Fill out the form above, and after a quick review, your experience(s) will be posted on this page. Also, if you know someone who has had a paranormal experience, ask them to write about it on this page. All are welcome!

NOTE: If you don’t want your name, email address or anything else that you write posted when this is made “live”, just show as such in your comments and those will be excluded.

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I have had tons of paranormal experiences. It actually spooks me out just thinking about it. I have seen shadow people. I remember one in particular that scared the crap out of me! I think I experience things because I am darker than most. I am also more sensitive to things. I have had water faucets going off, cabinet doors opening and shutting and I’ve experienced my fair share of white static on tvs and radios!

Keira D. Skye

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I def believe in vampires. I actually have met what i believe to be one. It was a few years ago and i had just started a new job. I was there about 3 weeks. I was out at a bar one nite with some people from work. We were there for about an hour when i noticed this beautiful woman come into the bar. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She walked by me and i felt this eerie chill. I went outside to smoke and felt that eerie feeling again. I also felt that someone was watching me. I looked down for one second and when i looked up she was standing in front of me. I was mesmerized by her. We talked and she was very charming and polite. We ended up talking for a few hours. She then asked me to go back to her apartment. It was weird it was rite near a cemetary. I had never seen or recognized it. So we go upstairs and when i got in apartment i got this very uneasy feeling. I told her i dont feel very comfortable. She talked me into coming in she was very persuasive. She told me to make a drink and she would be right out. So i went into the kitchen to make a drink. There were only these crystal looking bottles with red liquid in them. So i poured it and when i sipped it it definiately didnt taste like anything id ever had before. I spit it out in the sink. I went to tell her that she had some rotten liquid and when i stepped into the bedroom what i saw ill never forget. All the windows were blacked out there were red lights and she was dressed in all black with a cape on. There was no bed it was a coffin in there. And when i looked into her eyes they were red. When i saw that i ran the hell out of there. I told a friend of mine what happened and we went back to check it out and there was no one there the place was empty. Then i learned a few days later from somebody that place had been abandoned for years and it was gonna be torn down the following day. I have chills now just thinking about it. I def think they exist. Havent had an encounter since then thank god. Hopefully i never will again. Thank u for allowing me to tell u my story.”


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“My friend Berrick and I were going to spend the night at a deserted house where two people were shot and killed during a robbery in 2008. We had heard it was haunted and wanted to see if anything would happen to us. It was quiet until around 1 AM when we started hearing footsteps in the next room. We had made sure every room was empty when we first came in and knew that no one besides us was there. Then it stopped, but the room we were in got real cold. It was in July, so there was no explanation for that. I started to get a bad feeling and didn’t want to be there anymore, so we left. It was creepy, but might go back some night.”


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“My great-grandfathers ghost stays in my house trailing cigar smoke wherever he goes when he is not around another ghost stays out in the car park never coming close to the house, when i described the second ghost to my mum she said he is my great-uncle. I’m a wiccan and since i was small i’ve seen things others can’t but my two family ghosts have been keeping them at bay for years now and i thank them for it.”


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“I can assure you that no vampire in their right mind would wear a cape and sleep in a coffin we sleep in beds and wear normal clothes that is what makes it so easy for us to walk around not only that but I think that one day you will all see us you will talk to us and you will dance with us for now we stay hidden but because of charming people like yourselves we will one day be able to announce to the world we do exist until then bien vue”


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I have had so many paranormal experiences during the course of my life. To prevent sounding crazy, I write songs about them instead. Iv’e experienced many things from when I was very young, including seeing a wierd vision of a giant eye ball in the sky above me when I was about 8 or so. Most experiences after that were ghostly, including a visitor waking me up by jumping on my bed next to me. I could see indents on the bed and feel the jumping but, I saw nothing! Scary… I even ran up the stairs quickly from my bedroom and I could feel the ghostly figure chasing me right up the stairs.! I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences because I know there is more to life than what lays out in front of us all.


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hi, i live in rhode island, and i rescently did alot of vampire spells….needless to say i really do have strong cravings for blood, and i can sense things that will happen. So im positive that i am a vampire, although i want to be more involved with the vampire world. i live in cumberland rhode island, and i would love to meet other vampires who live rather close, to teach me how to control my sences, and cravings for blood. please, im alone in this, and i feel as if werewolves live in my state, which makes me on edge because thats one of the things that can kill me.

joshua montgomery

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This is my true ghost story please try to understand it in the supernatural way!

In the early 1970’s and 1980’s I kept receiving strange visions in my dreams that Jesus Christ and his heavenly father in heaven were married to their spouses. I dreamed that the first celestial humans existed first in heaven. I always remember this vision in my dreams ever since a little kid. In the ending of 1985 I wanted to reveal this vision with a few of my friends in school so we could write out the song lyrics and create the rap song.

That’s when on January 1, 1986 a mysterious deity spoke to the well-known lead singer of the rap group Run DMC and started a rumor that inspired the groups 1986 hit album “Raising Hell.”

Reynaldo’s book Portal to Hell is accepted for publication on September 28, 2002. Less than a month after on October 30, 2002 Jam Master Jay whose real name is Jason Mizell was brutally murdered in his Jamaica, Queens, NY recording studio. Significantly five movies were inspired by Reynaldo Reyes visions and dreams and they are:

  1. November 14, 2003 – Hollywood Unmasked Part 1 & 2

  2. May 1, 2004 – Cracking the Da Vinci Code

  3. May 19, 2006 – The Da Vinci Code

  4. November 18, 2008 – The Bible’s Buried Secrets

  5. October 22, 2012 – Amenstop Productions Part 1

According to old cult tradition in Hollywood, California movie stars are being possessed by the spirit of dead celebrities and the spirit of demons which they called “the muse”, since the 1920’s. Jesus Christ and God wanted me to become a movie star in 1980 and in 1997 twice in my life. Jesus Christ wanted me to have a out-of-body experience or die and come back to life, so I can reach superstar status.

If Jesus Christ and God knew that old Hollywood, California is evil and corrupted since the 1920’s and they practice satanism there, why did Jesus Christ and God want desperately to recruit me into a satanic movie and music industry?

Because Jesus Christ and God are the ones who are running Hollywood since it opened in the early 1920’s not the devil! There is plenty of evidence to prove it! Jesus Christ is allowing actors and actresses to be possessed by the spirit of dead celebrities, demons or their deceased families to act out their characters for their movies, music, and plays.
Please review Hollywood Unmasked Part 1 & 2.

It was Jesus Christ and God’s idea to freeze people for six months of winter so that human beings have no choice but to be glued to their TV sets and to be brainwashed by their satanic movies and music videos.

According to Christians, old evil Hollywood is a place where they practice satanism in their movies and music. They are planning a global attack on citizens around the world with the Antichrist Prince Williams the 5th and the spirit of the devil. They are also planning to kill off 90% or more of the earth’s population. Prince William’s the Antichrist will be “33” on June 21, 2015 and Crown Ruler King of the WORLD!

Reynaldo Reyes

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