What Makes Vampires So Interesting?

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Vampires, those exotic “creatures of the night”, the subject of many a Hollywood or TV movie, as well as countless short stories and countless novels – what is it that makes them so interesting?

There are many reasons why.

First, many people enjoy the idea of “things that go bump in the night”, especially if they are sitting safe and warm at home with the curtains drawn and the doors and windows locked. Vampires do more than just “bump in the night”, for sure, but they are among the beasties and ghoulies that we were all taught to fear as children. Remember wondering at night if something was lurking in the closet or hiding under the bed? Your parents’ room seemed very far away, and there you were, up close and personal to the dark unknown. Vampires fit very well into this scenario. If they came out of that closet or grabbed your hanging leg sticking out over the bed, well, that would be pretty scary. As we grow older, these childish fantasies became couched in more adult concerns, even seem whimsical. They become bathed in the warm glow of childhood memories. But, never without that little “gotcha”. that creepy thrill.

Second, vampires never grow old and never die. Who does not want to be young and handsome or beautiful forever? Aging is such a drag…if only we could put a stop to the bothersome aging process. Vampires make this easy. Just die under a vampire’s bite and spell, and you are set to rise again in a strong eternal body that is not governed by death as we know it.

Third, vampires are complex and mysterious. They do not just “come back” the same as they were in life, they return as “undead” creatures, changed in sinister and even frightening ways. They have passed through the threshold of death and returned to the land of the living from a darkness that we imagine to be strange and even terrible. What forces have they met “on the other side”? And, what have they had to sacrifice in order to return? They do not hesitate to search out loved ones in their thirst for blood; so, that sacrifice seems to involve losing traits of empathy or even humanity. The fact that they actually DIED and were buried makes their return a thing to be feared among the living.

There are other reasons why vampires fascinate so many of us. More to come on that in later posts. Till then, go ahead, look out your window on a moonlit night. Let your imagination run free.

If you dare.

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