Traditional Defenses Against Vampires

small_vampiresnextdoor_facebookSo, you feel a need to protect yourself against a possible “vampire next door”? Well, there are centuries of folklore traditions and several talismans that target vampires.

Plant rose bushes around your home and keep cuttings inside for both your own enjoyment and protection against vampires. This is one of the more pleasant, even sensual methods against many forms of supernatural evil.

Incredibly, folklore insists that vampires have an OCD condition where they must count any and all mustard seeds scattered around a home. Also, use poppy seeds, rice and grains such as oats. The more, the merrier.

Find some blackthorn and sew it into your clothing. Presumably this is a form of portable defense against unwanted blood-suckers.

Most of us have heard of using crosses for protection. Crucifixes bearing the image of the crucified Christ are even more powerful. Keep in mind, though, that quote from the venerable movie “Fright Night” (from the ’80s): “You’ve got to have faith”.

Know where a vampire is buried? If so, select a bottle of wine and bury it close to the site of interment. After six weeks, dig it up and drink it. Of course, don’t drink and drive, and follow local laws about the legal age for consuming alcohol! Breaking the law or any other such form of negative energy might negate the process, lol.

These defenses are obviously only for the more “traditional” vampires from centuries past. Psychic vampires require other defenses. That might make for a good future post.

Sweet dreams tonight!

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