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Black Holes may provide some clues to "realilty".For everyone who is SURE that reality is as one perceives it should know that physics may actually support this.

At the Quantum Level, some of the smallest building blocks of “reality” exist in a state that is only solidified as actually “happening” by being observed by a viewer. Without such viewer observation, these building blocks exist in all possible ways that they COULD exist, only to be solidified into one “real” state of being at the moment of observation.

How odd is that?

Also, the universe could actually be a 3D hologram projected from a two dimensional surface. Huh? No, not some flight of fancy, but based on mathematical calculations about black holes, those gravity-space-time warpers at the center of all galaxies. In theory all information about any object unlucky enough to be sucked into a black hole exists in two dimensions on the outer “surface” of one. Our view of “reality” may also be a 3D projection from a 2D surface. In this theory, space and time become one entity in blocks, reminiscent of how a jpeg graphic is made up of tiny pixels that combine to make the whole image. There would be tiny quantum fluctuations as these space-time blocks interact with each other. This is actually going to be put to the test by some scientists who have devised a way of detecting these fluctuations.

Imagine if they DO find such evidence? I have always felt that there is much, much more going on behind what we perceive as “reality”. So, I am drawn to studies in both physics and the paranormal. I wonder what is “out there” even as I write this post.

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