Scary Scenes Screensaver

Got bored today and decided to create a spooky screensaver. This one is VERY colorful and melodramatic, with the AWESOME sound of real thunder. You’ll want to have your sound turned up high to get the full effect. Gentle autumn leaves swirl and dance down the screen, providing a nice touch to the overall atmosphere.

I REALLY like this screensaver and use it on my own computer. The images below are just a few of the scenes. If you want to try it out, it is free here: Scary_Scenes. Just unzip the file and double click on the .exe file. It is safe, btw, no viruses or anything but just pure screensaver. You will need this registration code when you first install: XSDEF-WERTD-CDSWX-21435




Scary Graveyard Backdrop

Stone Stairs Dark Gothic Background

Premade Halloween Backdrop

About VampireNow

After almost a decade, Jason the vampire rises again! Back in the late ’90s, the now-defunct website featured stories, graphics, even an early version of an online journal, all about Jason, fallen God, Lucifer’s equal, and undisputed Lord of the Undead, also featuring Lilith, dark Goddess of female vampires and other exotic beings. At the time, the site generated more than its share of controversy. With its over-the-top graphics and odd storyline, the website hit a nerve within the “Goth” community around the world. Some reviled it, others gave it awards and positive reviews. Ultimately, though, the creative cycle had run its course for me, and after entertaining and perplexing thousands of web visitors for over 5 years, I took the site down. Real life called to me, with real challenges as I worked to establish my career as a proper web designer/developer. Jason and his strange world became just an obscure footnote in the annals of Web history. And now? Well, the time seems ripe for Jason’s return to the now-ubiquitous internet. Vampires are more popular than ever. Jason can perhaps bring something a little different to the table. So, if you enjoy Gothic horror tales and are not turned off by the lurid, join the adventures of Jason and his cohorts!
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  1.'Mike says:

    We need a Vampire for PRESIDENT of the UNITED States of America, Vamps unite.

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