Odd, perverse show

American_Horror_Story_Asylum_DVDAmerican Horror Story: Asylum – an odd, perverse show. One I am sure I will continue to watch. Saw the first episode just now on Netflix and liked it. Ha, some similarities to Season One, so much so that I wondered if I somehow tuned into that one.

So, let’s see. We have a spooky old house in California, on the market after the murder/suicide of the last owners (a gay male couple, an element found in many shows today as an almost de rigueur storyline for that extra twist of coolness – or controversy). It is bought by a couple going through some rough personal times. Their daughter is the usual complicated, rather bratty offspring with smart mouth syndrome. There is a menacing, presumptuous neighbor played with typical chilling precision by Jessica Lange. She is mother to a girl with Trisomy 21 (a.k.a. Down’s Syndrome), a girl who “sees dead people” and can’t seem to keep herself away from the neighbor’s creepy house, lol…much to the new owners’ chagrin.

There is Dylan McDermott, man of the house, psychiatrist, and a guy that just can’t seem to keep his clothes on. Dylan must really be proud of his sculpted ass, bet he worked on it a lot for this role. Ah, such are the demands of Hollywood. His wife is a troubled soul getting over a miscarriage and still trying to forgive her cheating husband for dipping his pen into the ink at his workplace, so to speak.

Then there is his troubled male teenage patient who visits the home for “treatment” of his mental disorders. Good idea, right, to bring psychotics home via a home office?

There is the heavily scarred man hanging around outside the home. This guy used to live in the home and ended up burning his entire family, is tried and convicted for this crime, and finally is released from prison only because he has terminal brain cancer.

Dylan finds himself sleepwalking in the house at night. The same thing that the burned man used to do. Only proper I guess. Just adds to the almost confusing storylines already sizzling in this show.

Like seeing a car accident, I almost can’t turn away.

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