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The creator of has many interests outside of this website. If you need any of the following services, contact Gary at

  1. Minister to perform weddings, both traditional and non-traditional
  2. Vocalist for events or rock band
  3. Design and implement web sites
  4. Create flyers, brochures, logos, graphics, business cards, all things involved with Graphic Design

Continue reading below to get the details!

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2. Gary is an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church, headquarters at Modesto, CA (Gary is based in Tallahassee, Fla.). As such, in addition to being available to appear at wedding ceremonies, he is also legally authorized to perform the actual wedding service itself. The Universal Life Church promotes no one religion and has no traditional doctrine, meaning that Gary is not limited to performing just Christian ceremonies. If you follow “other” religions, be they Pagan, Druid, Wiccan, etc., he may be just the right resource for your wedding. Agnostics and Atheists may wish their own kind of ceremony, that is no problem. All are welcome!

3. Gary is also an experience vocalist, having performed some years ago as tenor soloist for both Mozart’s “Regina Coeli” and Handel’s “Messiah”, along with members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Colquitt Country Arts Center. In choirs he is designated as “2nd Tenor” because he has baritone qualities to his voice. His vocal coach wanted him to become a “professional” vocalist, but at the time he decided to pursue other interests. Nowadays, he is looking to start up a alternative rock band as lead vocalist. His musical tastes range from Trance to Alternative Rock to Heavy Metal. Need a lead vocalist for a band you are starting up in the Tallahassee, Fl. area? Email him at

Hire Gary for your website or other graphic design needs!4. In addition, Gary has spent the last 16 years working as Designer/Web Specialist, building web sites – coding, hosting and all – from scratch, creating Flash projects, designing brochures, posters, business cards, Trade Show backdrops, signs, etc.. Presently he is Associate Art Director with Dominion Enterprises. You can see examples of his work at his personal website, Need a website designed? Have an event needing posters, flyers, etc.? Contact Gary for more info.

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Pics of Gary in costume at various events:

Hire a vampire! Pic from Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House, 2012

Hire a vampire! Pic of volunteer work at the Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House, 2012

Pic of volunteer work at the Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House, 2012

I SEE YOU! Pic from Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House, 2012

The vampire costume is not for the faint of heart.

This vampire costume is not for the faint of heart. Gory…creepy…and effective!

This werewolf costume is all hand-applied makeup, takes about 5 hours to complete! Good for a few scares!

From Halloween, 2012

Make your event spooky good fun. Leave a message at 850-586-6129 today and we will get back to you!

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