Chapter 1: Eli Meets the Neighorhood Vampire


Entry from Eli Harper’s diary, May 25, 2012

Last night I was visited by not one but TWO vampires.



It is all so unbelievable, but my unwelcome visitors were (and are) as solid and real as this computer keyboard is cold and hard under my fingertips. That inhumanly loud scream from next door, the one that waked me up from deep sleep, has proven to be just the beginning of, well, the IMPOSSIBLE happening.

There I was, laying in bed, having a great dream. In it, my girlfriend Sarah was in a skimpy bathing bikini on a sunlit beach, the sun shining bright against sugar white sand. He hair blowed seductively in the constant ocean breeze as she smiled and walked seductively toward me. Suddenly, dark clouds filled the sky with unnatural speed. As I looked up in concern, I heard an odd sound and glanced back at Sarah. But, Sarah was gone – in her place was a greenish, amorphic cloud, with countless whispy arms, reaching out toward me! As happens in bad dreams, I guess, I felt a projound sense of dread in the pit of my stomach.

Then, I heard it: a man’s deep voice crying out from the house next door. It was, well, unnaturally loud. It was as if the sky itself was screaming in both fright and anger! Not thunder, though; this was a man’s voice, a baritone. My eyes flew wide open from my eerie dream and my heart was racing. I scrambled out of bed and stumbled awkwardly to my bedroom window. Outside, in the early evening darkness, the house where the scream originated sat dark and silent. But what was that strange green glow around it, pulsating and shimmering mysteriously? Then I saw a flash, a vision, just for a split second, of gigantic humanoid figures hovering in a circle just outside the green glow. They are lit by a light of the purest gold in color. I became keenly aware of an odd, escalating energy emanating from within the darkened house itself. I could only compare it how a tuning fork behaves when struck. Thing is, that “tuning fork” was me! My body was vibrating with what seemed a million pulses a second.

Suddenly, SHE was outside my window.



I’ve never seen her before, and frankly could do without seeing her ever again. A part of me, though, desperately wants her to visit me again. This tall, gorgeous woman, with long, straight, black hair cascading wildly around her shoulders, was looking at me with an odd intensity from right outside my window. She had not been there a second before, I am sure of it.

As I returned her gaze, I thought to myself “This woman is not ‘right'”. Her skin was as pale as moonbeams, with an unreal, almost alien quality about it that repelled me. Then her voluptuous, crimson lips parted to show sharp incisors, long like an animal’s, as she said softly, in a voice that lulled me with a soothing, hypnotic quality.

“You ARE who Jason says you are”.

I immediately thought to myself, “Who is this woman and what does she want with me? Who’s this Jason?”

She smiled, though the smile does not reduce that cold feeling that I felt as I looked into those large, dark, glittering eyes.

“Only a Great One can see what you just saw”, she saiod cryptically.

As I looked even more deeply into those fathomless eyes, I felt an odd arousal creeping into my loins. In spite of my misgivings, and against my better judgement, I very much wanted her to come into my room and kiss me with those perfect, red lips.

As I swooned under her spell, from deep within me come a stirring of a force that swept through every part of me, wildly electric and energizing. I feel this totally unexpected rush of strength not only breaking her spell, but also moving from out of my body toward hers in a flash of unseen energy between she and I.

She blinked, stepped back, saying, “Very good try. You don’t know enough yet, Eli”.

Wait, how did she know my name?

But, my attention immediately turned from her, for behind me a masculine voice softly called out, “Lilith, he is not ready yet. Leave him to me”. I swung abruptly around to see an unknown man in my bedroom. Not just ANY man, however; his eyes were glowing with a brilliant red light!

“Who the hell are you?” I sputtered, at the same time bolting for my bedroom door. But I couldn’t move my feet, or, indeed, any part of my body.

My confusion grew to a crescendo pitch. This intruder had the same other-worldly qualities as that woman at the window whom he called Lilith, but that same sense of things being “not right” was amplified even more with him.

Very tall, thin but muscular, with those odd red eyes, he had medium long red hair and closely cropped beard. He looked young, but I sensed that he was much, MUCH older than my parents.

Then, that same internal force that I felt a moment ago sprung up within me yet again, unbidden yet undeniable! I instinctively thrust my right hand out with palm exposed. My paralysis dissolved! For a second, I see a hint of surprise in his red eyes, but that fades as he said “Stop!”, his parted lips also showing those same long, sharp incisors that made Lilith’s beautiful red lips all the more remarkable.

I did stop, paralyzed once more. He continued, “You are stronger than I could have hoped”. A faint smile played across his pale lips. Then he walked toward me and the room started to grow hazy, out of focus, fading away into black…

The “dream” was over by the next morning. The sun shone, almost too bright for my suddenly sensitive eyes; the sounds of my mother downstairs getting ready for work were reassuring. A familiar sound, comforting. But, in the back of my mind I KNEW that things would never be the same again. Ever.

Let me back up. Yesterday afternoon, after school let out for the summer semester, my friend Kyle drove me home in his sporty new Chevrolet Camaro. I couldn’t help but muse that it must be nice having rich parents (not in a jealous way, just thinking it, lol).

As we drove to my home I was in a great mood about the upcoming summer, free from the bonds of school, with promises of unlimited time for partying and hanging around with my circle of friends. Our little group is not part of the popular crowd, but we get by OK. At least we aren’t picked on like some of the other poor guys under the thumb of the nasty bullies.

One dude in particular, Matt Jenkins, is a real pain. Football quarterback, all around jock, handsome, he has a lot of good things going for him. But, he is also mean to everyone that he thinks is “weaker” than he is. Really, what is wrong with those people? I’ve had some problems with him, but he has found out that I’m big enough and even smart enough not to have to put up with his crap.

Because I stand up to him, well, I think that he REALLY doesn’t like me. Too bad, I don’t care. It does make me sick, though, when I think how he makes the lives of some of the other kids miserable. Someday he’ll get his comeuppance – what goes around comes around. I have the strangest sense about this, like it is almost meant to be. Odd.

I’ve noticed this year that I might even could be called “good-looking”. Ha! I must be doing something right, I mean, look at my hot girlfriend Sarah! That blonde hair, those long pretty legs, those baby blue eyes…a wet dream going somewhere to happen, ha.

I could even call myself lucky. That is, except for those weird episodes I’ve had this year. I’ve been seeing things, hearing things that my friends apparently don’t. Shadows where shadows do not belong. Weird faces staring at me in crowds, with distorted, even monstrous features, then vanishing. Odd whispers in the night, calling my name, even laughing at me, but originating from no apparent visible source. The worst is when I wake up in the dead of night only to see shrouded figures looking at me from the foot of my bed, then vanishing abruptly. Not that I talk about any of this, not even with my friends. Don’t want to be considered crazy or easy fodder for Matt and his bully friends.

In some ways I feel all alone. Ok, yes, I’m scared. Especially after last night! And, my neck now has 2 puncture wounds; odd, don’t remember hurting myself. I’ve seen enough vampire movies to know, incredulously, that this does NOT bode well. Yeah, I know, this is all nuts! But, in fact, my memory eludes me of what happened after that weird dude in my bedroom walked toward me. I woke up and he was gone. Thank God!

When I get right down to it, my main fear is that I am going crazy (especially since what happened last night). I’m just starting out in life; it is just not fair! It is as if a heavy shadow is looming over the upcoming summer hiatus. This “shadow” is much, much darker and dangerous than any that I had imagined thus far. I dearly hope it is just my imagination.

Well, dear diary, I feel tired, weak, listless. Think I’ll sleep in today. I mean, who can I tell this to and have any chance that they will believe me?

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