A “Real” Vampire?

A recent news item discussed a vampire attack on a New York cabbie. Read about it below.

NYPD Searching For Blood-Thirsty Robbery Suspect Who Repeatedly Gouged Driver All Over During Attempted Heist

Real Vampire Photo?He was sitting in the back of a livery cab. Some time after a photo was snapped he tried to rob Mahmoud Seck. During a furious fight, the would-be robber bit Seck in the neck, near his elbow, his back and his head. Seck, from Senegal, said the crook in his back seat told him he was about to die when he demanded the money.

“Your family — expects to see you dead!” Seck said, recounting what he remembers his assailant saying.

Seck’s brother demonstrated how the thief grabbed his neck from behind while holding a gun. But Seck did not give in and went for the gun. And then, somehow, he released the weapon’s clip.

“I’m fight — I’m fighting him!” Seck explained in broken English.

The passenger leaned forward and bit the driver in several places and then got out and ran, but not before a camera captured an image of him.

Anyone with information in regards to this attempted Robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).



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Top 10 Halloween Facts

Halloween!As the air grows chill and the days grow shorter, I find myself in the mood for Halloween. I have always enjoyed all the spooky, strange, eerie and macabre elements associated with All Hallow’s Eve.

The traditional ways of celebrating Halloween are rooted in the past. Here are some tidbits:

  • The wearing of costumes comes from Celtic tradition. Afraid of evil spirits on this night? Well, the Celts believed that dressing up “like” evil spirits would somehow placate them, maybe even fool them into leaving you alone.
  • Halloween is an offshoot of the Celtic festival know as Samhain. Bonfires were lit to ward off evil spirits.
  • Jack-o-lanterns were originally made of turnips. In time, in North America, pumpkins were used instead.
  • Black cats were thought to be protectors of their witch masters’ dark powers.
  • Oddly, in England white cats are thought to be associated with evil.
  • Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead instead of Halloween.
  • Don’t smash that spider in your home on Halloween. It might just be the spirit of a dead relative inside that little creepy spider body that has come back to check up on you.
  • Bobbing for apples dates back to Roman times in celebration of Pamona, goddess of fruit trees.
  • Young girls in ancient Scotland hung wet bed sheets in front of a roaring fire on Halloween as part of a divination ritual to see their future husband’s face.
  • If you wear your clothes inside out and then walk backwards on Halloween, some say you will see a real witch at midnight.

So, enjoy the Halloween season freely with the knowledge that many of the traditions were made at a time when people really did believe that the dead walked on this most spooky of nights.

Photo of Jack-o-lanterns by Peter Dutton. Creative Commons license

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Ghost Radar App

If you enjoy using the Ghost Radar app, there is a new one that has a Vampires Next Door look and feel.
I am VERY stoked about this; I mean, what better app for this website, yes? On Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spudpickles.gr.vnd

Here is a preview of some of the screens:

Main screen for Ghost Radar - Vampires Next Door Edition

Main screen for the app.

Ghost Radar - Vampires Next Door Edition radar screen.

Radar Screen for ghosts and spirits.

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Science Beyond Science Fiction

Black Holes may provide some clues to "realilty".For everyone who is SURE that reality is as one perceives it should know that physics may actually support this.

At the Quantum Level, some of the smallest building blocks of “reality” exist in a state that is only solidified as actually “happening” by being observed by a viewer. Without such viewer observation, these building blocks exist in all possible ways that they COULD exist, only to be solidified into one “real” state of being at the moment of observation.

How odd is that?

Also, the universe could actually be a 3D hologram projected from a two dimensional surface. Huh? No, not some flight of fancy, but based on mathematical calculations about black holes, those gravity-space-time warpers at the center of all galaxies. In theory all information about any object unlucky enough to be sucked into a black hole exists in two dimensions on the outer “surface” of one. Our view of “reality” may also be a 3D projection from a 2D surface. In this theory, space and time become one entity in blocks, reminiscent of how a jpeg graphic is made up of tiny pixels that combine to make the whole image. There would be tiny quantum fluctuations as these space-time blocks interact with each other. This is actually going to be put to the test by some scientists who have devised a way of detecting these fluctuations.

Imagine if they DO find such evidence? I have always felt that there is much, much more going on behind what we perceive as “reality”. So, I am drawn to studies in both physics and the paranormal. I wonder what is “out there” even as I write this post.

photo credit: Wonderlane via photopin cc

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Odd, perverse show

American_Horror_Story_Asylum_DVDAmerican Horror Story: Asylum – an odd, perverse show. One I am sure I will continue to watch. Saw the first episode just now on Netflix and liked it. Ha, some similarities to Season One, so much so that I wondered if I somehow tuned into that one.

So, let’s see. We have a spooky old house in California, on the market after the murder/suicide of the last owners (a gay male couple, an element found in many shows today as an almost de rigueur storyline for that extra twist of coolness – or controversy). It is bought by a couple going through some rough personal times. Their daughter is the usual complicated, rather bratty offspring with smart mouth syndrome. There is a menacing, presumptuous neighbor played with typical chilling precision by Jessica Lange. She is mother to a girl with Trisomy 21 (a.k.a. Down’s Syndrome), a girl who “sees dead people” and can’t seem to keep herself away from the neighbor’s creepy house, lol…much to the new owners’ chagrin.

There is Dylan McDermott, man of the house, psychiatrist, and a guy that just can’t seem to keep his clothes on. Dylan must really be proud of his sculpted ass, bet he worked on it a lot for this role. Ah, such are the demands of Hollywood. His wife is a troubled soul getting over a miscarriage and still trying to forgive her cheating husband for dipping his pen into the ink at his workplace, so to speak.

Then there is his troubled male teenage patient who visits the home for “treatment” of his mental disorders. Good idea, right, to bring psychotics home via a home office?

There is the heavily scarred man hanging around outside the home. This guy used to live in the home and ended up burning his entire family, is tried and convicted for this crime, and finally is released from prison only because he has terminal brain cancer.

Dylan finds himself sleepwalking in the house at night. The same thing that the burned man used to do. Only proper I guess. Just adds to the almost confusing storylines already sizzling in this show.

Like seeing a car accident, I almost can’t turn away.

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Traditional Defenses Against Vampires

small_vampiresnextdoor_facebookSo, you feel a need to protect yourself against a possible “vampire next door”? Well, there are centuries of folklore traditions and several talismans that target vampires.

Plant rose bushes around your home and keep cuttings inside for both your own enjoyment and protection against vampires. This is one of the more pleasant, even sensual methods against many forms of supernatural evil.

Incredibly, folklore insists that vampires have an OCD condition where they must count any and all mustard seeds scattered around a home. Also, use poppy seeds, rice and grains such as oats. The more, the merrier.

Find some blackthorn and sew it into your clothing. Presumably this is a form of portable defense against unwanted blood-suckers.

Most of us have heard of using crosses for protection. Crucifixes bearing the image of the crucified Christ are even more powerful. Keep in mind, though, that quote from the venerable movie “Fright Night” (from the ’80s): “You’ve got to have faith”.

Know where a vampire is buried? If so, select a bottle of wine and bury it close to the site of interment. After six weeks, dig it up and drink it. Of course, don’t drink and drive, and follow local laws about the legal age for consuming alcohol! Breaking the law or any other such form of negative energy might negate the process, lol.

These defenses are obviously only for the more “traditional” vampires from centuries past. Psychic vampires require other defenses. That might make for a good future post.

Sweet dreams tonight!

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Wicked TV

Check out the TV show “Paranormal Witness” to get a “fix” of creepy good fun.

Recovering from a cold this weekend, so sat in front of my widescreen and watched several episodes of Paranormal Witness on Netflix. This show is on par with some of the better horror movies. Featuring unusual stories of hauntings, often with original pics and video taken by those being “haunted”, it has a spooky atmosphere that never lets up.

Saw an episode where a family had a poltergeist. Not just any poltergeist, mind you, but one intent on killing the family involved. When it gets to the point where toilet paper is strewn and draped throughout the house, all leading to a frying pan laying on the floor with burning paper, well, it is time to get out.

Makes me wonder about things. Things like, “What is really out there in the dark?” After watching this show, not sure I want to find out, ha.

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Wedding ceremonies now available

If you are planning a wedding that is non-traditional, one that is based on other religions or beliefs besides Christian (ex. Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Agnostic, Atheist, etc.), be aware that Gary, the creator of VampiresNextDoor.com, is an ordained Minister with Universal Life Church, which based in Modesto, CA. Gary is based in Tallahassee, Florida.

The church was founded in the late ’50s and follows the maxim of “WE ARE ONE”. It promotes no one religion, but embraces all as legitimate means to achieve “Eternal Progression”.

As an Ordained Minister, Gary can legally wed people, as well as perform other ceremonies that require a minister’s involvement, such as baptisms, funerals, etc..

If you wish more information, contact Gary at info@vampiresnextdoor.com.

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What Makes Vampires So Interesting?

† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦† ♦†

Vampires, those exotic “creatures of the night”, the subject of many a Hollywood or TV movie, as well as countless short stories and countless novels – what is it that makes them so interesting?

There are many reasons why.

First, many people enjoy the idea of “things that go bump in the night”, especially if they are sitting safe and warm at home with the curtains drawn and the doors and windows locked. Vampires do more than just “bump in the night”, for sure, but they are among the beasties and ghoulies that we were all taught to fear as children. Remember wondering at night if something was lurking in the closet or hiding under the bed? Your parents’ room seemed very far away, and there you were, up close and personal to the dark unknown. Vampires fit very well into this scenario. If they came out of that closet or grabbed your hanging leg sticking out over the bed, well, that would be pretty scary. As we grow older, these childish fantasies became couched in more adult concerns, even seem whimsical. They become bathed in the warm glow of childhood memories. But, never without that little “gotcha”. that creepy thrill.

Second, vampires never grow old and never die. Who does not want to be young and handsome or beautiful forever? Aging is such a drag…if only we could put a stop to the bothersome aging process. Vampires make this easy. Just die under a vampire’s bite and spell, and you are set to rise again in a strong eternal body that is not governed by death as we know it.

Third, vampires are complex and mysterious. They do not just “come back” the same as they were in life, they return as “undead” creatures, changed in sinister and even frightening ways. They have passed through the threshold of death and returned to the land of the living from a darkness that we imagine to be strange and even terrible. What forces have they met “on the other side”? And, what have they had to sacrifice in order to return? They do not hesitate to search out loved ones in their thirst for blood; so, that sacrifice seems to involve losing traits of empathy or even humanity. The fact that they actually DIED and were buried makes their return a thing to be feared among the living.

There are other reasons why vampires fascinate so many of us. More to come on that in later posts. Till then, go ahead, look out your window on a moonlit night. Let your imagination run free.

If you dare.

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Welcome to the Vampires Next Door New Blog

It is time for VampiresNextDoor.com to have its own blog.

Here you can find product updates, “fun” information as well as up-to-the-minute description of events that VampiresNextDoor.com participates. And, well, anything else that is relelvant. So check back often!

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