An Ancient Evil, Chapter 3 – An Ancient Evil Begins

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Jason’s incredible, unique path to becoming a vampire is revealed

Before we continue with my story, I will further explain how I became a vampire.

My beginning goes back very far indeed, back into the far reaches of time, back even to this universe’s creation.

Though this universe is vast beyond human comprehension, it is but one of countless others that some refer to as the “multiverse”. Besides that, there are many hidden dimensions that can occupy the same space and time. There are many powerful and ancient Gods who inhabit and control these universes and dimensons. So great is their Power that they can move at will between these. Such has been the case with our universe over the aeons of time. So, while there are different religions here on earth that may seem contradictory to each other in the worship of their Gods, they are basically ALL true. Indeed, these Gods can manifest great power to those who participate in them. Jehova, Buddha, Allah…the list can go on and on. These are some of the Gods who have deigned to reveal to mankind their existence.

Enlil, the Mesopotamian God of Thunder

Enlil, the Mesopotamian God of Thunder

For my part in all of this, one must turn to the ancient Mesopotamian religion. I remember when time itself was new and my dark future not yet foreseen. My original name was Enlil, the powerful being known in Mesopotamian religion as the God of the raging storm. Indeed, as a “God” (a title which due to my great sins I regretfully do not feel worthy) I was extremely powerful, even among the Most High.

As I mentioned, memories of those distant times are heavily restricted. I vaguely remember having a rebellious, destructive nature, and I was overly influenced by the progressively twisting musings of Enki. Alas, he was the God of wisdom until he became corrupted and vain. He was glorious, radiantly beautiful and ultimately flawed. Becoming perverse in his need for power, he foolishly strove to cast out the other Gods from Dilman, our Heavenly abode, to become the supreme ruler of this universe!

The events that resulted from his quest for Supreme Power forever changed everything for the worst. Enki originated “evil” itself. Charming, seductive, and brilliant almost without compare, he was also was the first monster in every sense of that word.

It is to my eternal shame that I became corrupted by his insidious musings and dazzled by his charisma. I joined him after he lured me into his service with false promises of great power upon his victory. Together we made war against the other Gods to cast them from our heavenly home. What was once a universe close to perfection was polluted to one filled with chaos and strife by this terrible war. There was much, much destruction in the cosmos; even in our solar system, the one holding our blessed Earth, once beautiful planets teeming with abundant life were reduced to the sterile, lifeless places known today.

Punishment was ultimately forthcoming from Taimat and Abzu, the Most High of all the Mesoptamian Gods. With the might of their combined God power I was cast down to earth, along with Enki. Ah, in those times so very long ago I knew pain and loss beyond description. I had no one to blame but myself; Enki did not force my actions.

But, my story does not end there.

Incredibly, even after the passing of millenia I was given a glorious opportunity from Taimat and Abzu to earn forgiveness for my terrible sins!



As you may have guessed, I failed at even that last, irreplaceable chance. When mankind began to spread across the earth, through the grace of Taimat and Abzu I was reincarnated as the mortal man named Eannatum.

I was born in the ancient city of Uruk in Mesopotamia. Nothing of my life from back then is preserved in ancient records, but I remember my life as one of good turned slowly, irrevocably, to the darker side. Spirits would call to me in the early morning hours when I was just a child. Whispers hinting of a hidden world of magic teeming all around me troubled my sleep.

I became drawn into the veil between this world and the supernatural. Over time I learned far more than any other mortal about the ways of magic and the casting of perilous spells. I became a wizard who wielded much supernatural power. My fellow-man became fearful of me as I matured, for when all others slept I walked the night surrounded by wondrous beings that had glowing eyes and tongues of fire.

In the fullness of time I became an outcast, a restless wanderer of the earth. No man dared to trouble me, no man save one. His name was Naram-Sin, and he sought to enslave me for ill-gotten gain. His plan was to bound me and torment me until I bowed to his will. Enkil had given him certain talismans to use against me to thwart any spell that I might cast against him. But I killed him with my sword when I instead could have probably just outwitted him. I will not fully recount that part of my history here, but, suffice it to say that after I killed him the damage was done. In time, I died unredeemed, a truly lost soul.

But Death could not hold me. My spirit was immortal! I successfully challenged Death’s cold, pitiless embrace and awoke in my grave not as I had been, but CHANGED.

I was a new type of being, the very first vampire.

As a vampire I immediately knew the now legendary intense craving for human blood. This was part of the curses visited upon me by the Gods when I killed Naram-Sin with my sword: because his blood ran across the field unto which he lay, blood was to become a part of my eternal curse. After my death I was to arise as the undead. It was my fate to thirst forever for the blood that pounds through every mortal’s veins.

Wishing to leave behind as much of my disastrous mortal past as possible, I renamed myself Jason, and so began my eternal, ultimately wondrous night party with the ever-growing group of mortals who over time succumbed to my spell and arose from the dead like me.

In some ancient texts Lilith is whispered to be the mother and creator of all vampires, but in truth it is I who made her into what she became. She also still walks on earth, troubling the night-time dreams of both men and women alike with her insatiable advances.

After I arose, I realized that I was still very strong. Though I am a vampire, unlike all other vampires who arise from death, I can face the sun and defy other limitations imposed them by the vampire curse. Holy relics and other traditional defenses against evil (those that do not have any particular spell attached to them) are ineffective on me, maybe because my core spirit remembers when evil did not exist.

Yet, I prefer the night because it has a mysterious, seductive quality, unlike the glaring, sun-scorched day. There are many temptations, many dark delights that an insatiable vampire can enjoy in the long nights. With the earth filling with mortal flesh as human kind populates it with an ever increasing rate, there is blood EVERYWHERE.

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    Well there you have it, Mistress Heidi. We could be twins LOL!!!You Could Be a Vampire If You Had ToLike most people, the thuoght of being a vampire has crossed your mind. But you’re not sure if you’d do it, even if you could.Living forever doesn’t sound half bad, if you could live forever with the people you love the most.But do vampires even love? And would the vampire version of you even be you?It’s all too much to contemplate. Luckily, the chances of you ever becoming a vampire are astronomically low.What you would like best about being a vampire: Living foreverWhat you would like least about being a vampire: Blood stained teeth I could totally do this, especially if I walk into some of my fave vamps.Peace and love,Paula R.

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