An Ancient Evil is Revealed, Chapter 2

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Sunset at the house next door to Eli’s, May 25, 2012

My name is Jason and I am a vampire.

But, as you will soon see, I am much, MUCH more than this!

Jason's LairThe cold winter wind carelessly tosses the dry fallen leaves outside as I rest in my ancient, dusty coffin. I feel revived after my feeding the night before, “for the blood is the life” as mortals have said. Compelled by the blood lust that my kind is so well-known for, I search almost nightly for that next infusion of the delicious, vibrant, red blood that flows through the veins of all of mankind

Indeed, I am a bringer of death to all the living who unknowingly cross my path. But, they will rise like I did thousands of years ago, dark beings who are forever destined to walk the shadows of the night, but now also immortal, powerful, and thirsty!

For this Dark Gift, they lose much of their humanity and compassion, but keep all their memories of life. They are even capable of love. But, things are VERY different for the newly undead compared to their past mortal life. Their new existence unfolds in a night without end amid fearsome and wonderful creatures of darkness they could never imagine in life.

Ah, the death I bring is a strange death, one with an unexpected hereafter…no drifting on clouds playing golden harps, no reincarnation into other bodies, no oblivion. Eternity has to be experienced to fully understand both the joy and the burden.

The wan light of this overcast late afternoon cannot penetrate the boarded-up window and heavy curtains of the grand hidden room where my grim bed cradles me; though the daylight cannot harm me, I never feel entirely comfortable in its demanding glare. Others like me burn to instant cinders upon contact with sunlight, but I am different and not limited in such ways. As I mentioned earlier, I am MUCH more.

I have a storied past that stretches back to the beginning of time.

I was not always human, nor was I limited to this physical universe. I had great power in this distant past existence, and much of that power carried over into this vampire body in which I am bound. I am the unequaled Master of all vampires and honored as their Dark Father. Even the great Evil One named Enki (otherwise known by Christians as Satan) cannot command the actions of vampires without my blessing.

He is near me now, watching as he always does, but I am calm and untroubled by this. I am a truly unique spirit. I am cursed by the Gods Most High for my ancient sins such that my immortal spirit is trapped in this powerful but still physically limited body. Even so, I can command forces that rend the very fabric of space and time when threatended. Enki himself, the God of Evil, the Father of selfishness, arrogance, and insanity, has felt my wrath. Besides the Gods and their minions, I am the only physical being on earth who can match him in power. Thus it has been for almost countless centuries.

I feel a spider slowly crawling over my left hand, and for a moment my attention is diverted by even this lowly creature’s delicate simplicity. The vast universe and the life forms that inhabit it are enthralling in every way to my insatiable vampire senses. Especially living things, flush with the life force that so many others in the spirit world covet.

But, wait!

Did I just hear a voice? “Enlil…” the odd voice intones in the very faintest of whispers. That is a name I have not gone by for a VERY long time. Who (or what) speaks? Besides the seemingly ever-present Enki, my keen vampires senses do not detect any other person or spirit close by. I just hear that eerie, distorted voice.

But, that abruptly changes! SOMETHING is coming, something unknown even to me. I can FEEL it.

The sound of that faint voice stirs an ancient memory from the deepest reaches of my subconscious – a shadowy, confused memory from my extremely ancient past. This memory is both fleeting and troubling, as are all my recollections from my earliest beginnings.

This memory is shrouded in a deep fear; fear, yes, of something both terrible and alien. Fear…of an unknown being with Power so great that only the might of the creator Gods can compare.

This memory comes from that Blessed Time (so very, very long ago) when even Enki the evil one was the unblemished God of Wisdom and evil simply didn’t exist! I remember because, I, too was there, in a much different and powerful form than I am now. Powerful, indeed, but even then I was still afraid!

What I feel now is great angerr – who or what DARES to trouble me? I will deal with this NOW!

But, then I understand the true nature of the One who comes to me. I must admit now that I am deeply afraid. The room fills with a pall of PROFOUND age, older than I in this physical body, even older than foul Enki and at least as old as the blessed creator Gods.

Those of us who have endured the passage of almost endless time can sense when another ancient being is approaching them. The weight of eons casts a nebulous shadow around such a spirit. The one who approaches me now has a dark shadow of fathomless, even unimaginable age.

A green glow creeps through the lid of my coffin. Even in my great fear I find myself gathering my strength, summoning all that I can command. I sense that the foreign power bearing down on me is limitless, even somehow OUTSIDE that which I know is limitless.

I cry aloud in a voice that shakes the earth, but, then, my voice chokes to silence by an overwhelming force. I cannot resist. I cannot move!

My mind and body sink into the grip of something utterly alien and repulsive. And the POWER – by the creator Gods, I have never experienced such an overwhelming FORCE as is assaulting me now!

I feel my very essence draining; all senses are fading to black. Darkness comes, but not before I detect the sudden presence of the supreme Gods all around me, radiantly comforting, protecting me, yet also exceedingly angry at my unknown attacker!

My last memory is of utter amazement, for my terrible visitor is defying the Most Holy! But how can this be? Then the terrible darkness claims me…

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