Sinister Beginnings

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The Vampire Tales website graphic

Here is a graphic from the original website That website is now retired and replaced by this site.

After almost a decade, Jason the vampire rises again! Back in the late ’90s, the now-defunct website featured stories, graphics, even an early version of an online journal, all about Jason, fallen God, Lucifer’s equal, and undisputed Lord of the Undead, also featuring Lilith, dark Goddess of female vampires and other exotic beings.


p style=”font-size:16px”>At the time, the site generated more than its share of controversy. With its over-the-top graphics and odd storyline, the website hit a nerve within the “Goth” community around the world. Some reviled it, others gave it awards and positive reviews.


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Jason the vampire

Another graphic from the original website

The long-gone review site “Reality Check” had a field day after checking the site out, until they came to realize that the site was MEANT to be cheesy.

Then there were those guys in Germany who replicated everything on the site, including the graphics, and claimed that it was all their own creation (just changing Jason’s name to something else, I forget what it was).

Vampire Talisman

Vampire talisman from the original website. This talisman will also be used in the ongoing novel, “An Ancient Evil”, featured on this current site.

They were pleased with themselves and announced their “creation” in a chat room, until the “real” Jason featured in those graphics contacted them and put a stop to all of it, ha ha. Let’s not forget that guy in Canada who wanted to seek out Jason and put a stake through his heart. That was scary.

But not as disturbing as some of the emails received. How do you deal with someone who insists that what you wrote is the “truth”, even after being told everything is pure fiction? Not to mention the hate emails (a prelude to the culture of anonymous aggression celebrated today on the ‘net). Alternately, there were so many emails from those that wanted to “become” a vampire, if only I could help them. I started to feel that I could start a cult if I wished. Not my idea of a good time, thank you.

Webcam shot from the defunct website

Webcam shot from the defunct website, now replaced with this current site.

Ultimately, though, the creative cycle had run its course for me, and after entertaining and perplexing thousands of web visitors for over 5 years, I took the site down. Real life called to me, with real challenges as I worked to establish my career as a proper web designer/developer. Jason and his strange world became just an obscure footnote in the annals of Web history.

And now? Well, the time seems ripe for Jason’s return to the now-ubiquitous internet. Vampires are more popular than ever. Jason can perhaps bring something a little different to the table. More about this is discussed in the new online journal here, “Book of Secrets“.

So, if you enjoy Gothic horror tales and are not turned off by the lurid, join the adventures of Jason and his cohorts!

Gary B.

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About the Author

Gary Brooks, Owner/Webmaster of

Yeah, it’s me…

I’m Gary, the owner/webmaster of, based in Tallahassee, Florida.

And, yes, I have to almost sheepishly own up to being “that guy” in those pics of “Jason”. I have very mixed feelings about portraying such a character. This was part of the reason why I took down the old site ( It just felt kind of strange.

But, my friends have told me that I was crazy to do so. This was before the coming of vampires to pop culture such as is now. Laura, my unofficial mentor, lol, especially urged me to try my hand at it again. And, when I am honest with myself, I realize that I DO enjoy doing all of it, even those pics. For me to get truly involved in such an endeavor as this, I need a personal connection, even one that at times is not entirely comfortable.

It has got to be fun. At least it IS that.

At the moment, I am facing the choice of either investing all of my time after normal work hours as a freelancing web designer/developer or putting my time/energy into I would be well compensated as a web designer/developer. And, at the moment, I can’t say that I am rich.

But, I just can’t get into that whole thing of working on other people’s projects while mine withers away.

I have a certain level of creative frustration. I DO so enjoy this project I am on now, this mad little web site devoted on the surface to vampires and the occult. Always liked the vampire horror genre in all its celebrated forms in movies, books, short stories, websites, art, you name it. After seeing my first “vampire” movie when I was 6 years old, I have been interested in these mythical creatures. Imagine that you die, you are buried and grieved over, and then you come back in an altered, diabolical form, such as vampires do in legends and folklore.

Intriguing. What it would really be like? I doubt it would be like most of the mortal-meets-vampire encounters as depicted in pop culture today.

You know, come to think of it, I need to write that short story, the one that I have been telling those close to me that I want to write. One that gives a gut-wrenching account of an encounter with a “real” vampire. Not the Hollywood-sanctioned, pretty boy/girl vampire, but a cold, animated corpse thirsting for blood in any way that it can be procured.

Such a meeting would prove less than enjoyable, I’m sure.

But, I digress. Getting back to this website, if I peek under the surface I realize it is also about attempting complete freedom from established norms of “good taste”, of creating a colorful, experimental experience that arguably has that extra little “got ya”, that nagging sense that SOMETHING about it is odd and unsettling. You can’t put your finger on it. Now, that sparks my interest creatively.

Feel free to drop me a line via the “Contact Other Side” page in the top menu or by commenting at the bottom of this page. I enjoy feedback, either good or bad, and if you email me, I don’t blab my mouth here about what you might have to say.

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